2012 Toyota FT-Bh Concept


At 82 Auto Show Geneva 2012 premiere of the hybrid Toyota FT-Bh Concept. The Japanese innovation is designed to save fuel and reduce emissions of harmful gases into the atmosphere, becoming the most economical and environmentally friendly compact family car segment.

The unusual design of FT-Bh is actually laid out in accordance with the five important principles: fuel economy, reduced emissions, low drag coefficient, the effective operation of transmission, correct use of electricity.

The low weight (less than 800 pounds), well thought-out aerodynamics and hybrid drive, fuel consumption of Toyota FT-Bh is set at 2.1 liters per 100 kilometers and emissions of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is only 49 grams per kilometer. The automaker pursues a noble goal - to reduce emissions of harmful substances, but this can be achieved only when the mass production of such cars as the FT-Bh.

The appearance of a new hybrid designed on the principle of «Ecomotion», simply, "savings and emotion." Designers managed to create a unique design that attracts attention, leaving no one indifferent, but also has a drag coefficient equal to 0.235. Arched back of FT-Bh Concept from Toyota creates a low center of gravity, and the very form of the body allows oncoming air to glide over the car, without creating a lot of rolling resistance.

The size of Toyota FT-Bh belongs to the B-class. Vehicle length 3985 mm, width - 1695, height - 1440 mm. The length of the wheelbase hybrid is 2570 millimeters.

The front part of the Toyota FT-Bh is also unique, lights integrated into the front fenders, the ultra-thin door pillars and large glass area provides an excellent overview. The interior design is a continuation of an unusual appearance. The center console is turned to the driver, and the unusual shape of the front panel creates a feeling of spaciousness in the cabin.

Toyota FT-Bh is made ​​of lightweight high-strength steel with the addition of aluminum and magnesium, and the total weight of the car with a hybrid power plant is 786 kg, in comparison with the Yaris with the 1.0-liter engine is 25 percent less. Yaris weighs 1030 pounds .

In the motion of a new hybrid car is a two-cylinder liter engine equipped with fuel injection systems, efficient and recirculation of exhaust gases. Traction battery FT-Bh almost two times lighter than the model Prius .

Toyota engineers have achieved excellent performance efficiency of FT-Bh, linking all the components of the factors together: the economic engine to reduce the size of the fuel tank, which leads to a decrease in the total weight of the car. In turn, the light car does not need a wide tire, therefore, concept car FT-Bh can be equipped with tires with a width of 145 mm, having low rolling resistance. Here is a Japanese principle correct sequence leads to efficiency.


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