2013 Mercedes AMG F1 W04


The new Mercedes AMG W04 is not a technical revolution. The engineers optimized technology familiar and largely dispensed with risky solutions. We have the latest pictures and tell you the Silver Arrow, born in 2013.
As Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton at 13:35 clock on the home stretch of Jerez pulled the cloth from the new AMG Mercedes W04, as the world knew already since two and a half hours as the Silver Arrow, born in 2013, looks like. Nico Rosberg had tweeted the first photo. Then also appeared yet on the first photos of the installation lap and filming in the network.

The Mercedes AMG W04 is not a car that takes a out of the shoes. The engineers, led by Bob Bell refined ideas and whip them with proven solutions from the competition. The race car was not invented. The nose is reminiscent of last year's car, but is shorter and does not extend so far beyond the front wing out like last year. She still looks like a duck's bill, but turns into a much more moderate level in the chassis. That gives you a little more elegance.
The side pods are flat and long and they have a bead on the outside as the 2010 Ferrari. They are also slightly smaller than its predecessor. If the difference in the new Sauber is 15 centimeters, it's the Mercedes maybe five centimeters. Team boss Ross Brawn confirmed: "The looks are not deceptive Our boxes are shrunk in width, but not as much as when cleaning.."
About the cooling vents are shrunken by McLaren two vertical fins-attached model. New is a jagged horizontal fin on the edge of the cockpit before the cooling inlet. Separating the flow better, the leads on one hand to the other, the condenser and passes over the side boxes. The tines produce vortices that act as a flow straightener.

With the exhaust took bonds at McLaren Mercedes. The tailpipes are very far outside, far back and as low as possible in a hollow in the side panels and blow in a straight line to the column between the diffuser and rear tires. On the inside of the exhaust outlet three gills are carved in the paneling. The air coming out there to escort the exhaust gases. At last year's Coanda solution the tailpipes were further away from the destination and had to slightly bent. The warm-up is always the rear tire.
To prevent this was mounted on the sub-floor in the region of the rear wheels, a vertical fin. Certainly, the Mercedes engineers have still not whether they have the temperature problem solved that way. Ross Brawn announced: "We will test this week different game types of this solution, but also a standard version, in which the tailpipes terminate as in last year's car inside." The solution allows McLaren Mercedes at the bottom of the page boxes an extreme bottleneck, however, is not as slim as the model fails.

Mercedes has embarked on his fourth car since 2010 to no risk. Of these, one is healed. The short wheelbase of 2011 was just in his pants as the experiments with the double-DRS last year. This time, the engineers wanted to move on proven ground. With spectacular details like at McLaren, Ferrari and Sauber, the youngest child, whose project group leads the way Aldo Costa stingy. Geoff Willis already takes care of the 2014er car. Ross Brawn is happy with the base model of the Mercedes AMG W04. "The wind tunnel promises us a decent progress."


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