2012 BMW i8 Spyder Concept


Optical i8 follows the Spyder the path to the IAA 2009 has already embarked on the Vision EfficientDynamics Concept: The most important design feature is the flat body of the roadster, which seems to consist of several layers. Compared to the first study, the length is slightly shrunk to 4.48 meters, was dispensed onto the rear seat. In their place are now two e-scooter space. The previously exported from glass doors are now made of carbon and thus act in series closer. In bad weather a two-piece hardtop for protection.

The brand propeller is preparing to launch a complete range of electric vehicles. In addition to the small i3-free engine, BMW will have a true sports car equipped with a set thermal and electrical model we have already seen many times as a concept car.

The manufacturer specifies a standard value of three liters per 100 kilometers. Here also the approximately 30 kilometers are considered pure electric incurred only once during each trip. On the second hundred miles, consumption must be correspondingly higher. This minimized the thirst fails, set the i8 to light. The cabin is made of carbon, the bulk of the suspension components made of aluminum. A light weight is not the roadster with a curb weight of 1630 kg anyway.

After the cut, BMW now accepts the concept i8 the form of a convertible whose design recalls the windows fire the Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster. I8 The Spyder version differs only by its closed roof that is obviously lacking here.

We thus find a data sheet very similar to the concept i8 cut. Designed for two occupants, is powered by a thermal block gasoline 1.5-liter mid-rear mounted in position, developing 223 horsepower and 300 Nm sent to the rear wheels.

This is an electric motor under the hood results in front of the seats and in turn the front wheels with a power of 132 horsepower. By adding the internal combustion engine and electric motor back before, we obtain a total output of 354 hp and 550 Nm

The performances are slightly recessed from the i8 cut with a 0 to 100 km / hour in 5.0 seconds shot (against 4.6 seconds for the coupe). Maximum speed is still electronically limited 250 km / hour.

Consumption remains at a historically low level with 3.0 liters / 100 km combined cycle announced, less than a small city.

The BMW i8 Spyder will be unveiled at the end of April at least in the Beijing Motor Show. I bet that the German automaker is already planning a production version, not long after the arrival of the coupe in showrooms.

The i8 Spyder Concept is less of a view of a concrete Roadster model, but rather a look at the intermediate level of evolution of the eco-athlete. The launch is expected in two years, then as a coupe. Just one year before BMW will bring the small car i3 his first electric car to market. The city car will cost around 40,000 euros, the sports car feel should be more expensive.


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