2010 Brabus E V12 Black Baron


Brabus has once again pleased fans of their exclusive sedans. Now look tuning - the group fell by Mercedes-Benz E-class , based on the basic model, they created a Brabus E V12 Black Baron, who was a real masterpiece of automotive industry - the maximum speed «E» is more than 370 kilometers per hour, and dispersal to the first Hundreds took just over three and a half seconds. According to history, Brabus always "sank" on the E-Class Mercedes-Benz, and each generation has successfully equipped with V12 motors.
This time the SV12 R Biturbo engine was placed in a modified engine compartment, the changes required for the upgraded V12, which has at its disposal by almost one liter total volume of more than - 6.3. Because of this, as well as two supercharged four-intercooled engine was about eight hundred horsepower with torque of 1420 Nm at higher revs to 2100.
Has also been modified in part the crankshaft, which is adapted to the increased move the pistons, as well as sports and balanced camshafts and connecting rods. Another was used by effective air supply system with a built-in engine compartment lid from carbon receiver. Fuel injection and ignition system Brabus E V12 Black Baron has been modified to fully meet the standard Euro-IV. Limited transmission of traction (it is limited electronically to 1,100 nm) to the rear wheels of the leading trusted five-speed automatic transmission. Lubricants and lubricant provide the very partners in the automotive Brabus modification Aral.
Next car Brabus E V12 Black Baron was in a wind tunnel, and the exterior began to adjust to a remarkable aerodynamic performance with carbon body kit . The result was improved to provide air to the front brakes and radiator. But it also resulted in increased load on the suspension and to increase the width of the car. Airflow into the engine compartment Brabus E V12 Black Baron and provide elegant "slot" on the front wings.

To the rear wheels Brabus E V12 Black Baron was also made by the "ears" - special plates, which reduce air resistance, but this change is clearly "an amateur" and Brabus can choose between a bundled version or without flaps and spoilers.
Suspension Brabus E V12 Black Baron was the adjustability - the driver can choose from ten different modes that will allow him to get a straight car for the autobahn, and extreme racing. The wheels are serviced six-cylinder calipers or twelve, and got tires 255/35 ZR 19 and 285/30 ZR 19, which are provided by Pirelli and Yokohama.
But the exterior is not intended to reflect the richness of Brabus E V12 Black Baron, and its interior, and here is, what to see and touch is that! Chairs in the front were made in top form, and the rear seats have been divided. The entire interior, including doors, ceiling, floor and center console have leather trim in black leather, combined with a perforated material, "Alcantara". Some details of the Brabus E V12 Black Baron got their carbon performance, and even the floor in the cabin was decorated with a leather cover. The kit also comes to the car an exclusive mobile phone «Vertu - Ascent», whose body is made of carbon fiber and titanium. Brabus planned to sell ten cars Brabus E V12 Black Baron, with the price of half a million euros.


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