2013 Porsche Boxster S


The Porsche Boxster S crawls comes close to the iconic 911th With a longer wheelbase, wider track and more stretched-acting, new body-dress, the mid-engine Porsche brings in a strong position in several respects. How close to the mid-engined sports is the penalty on the Nordschleife, shows the Super Test.

Thus may the first time in 1996, Porsche introduced the two-seater look taken from the latest model year 2012 in the duty, in addition to the magnificent 911-story to be allowed to build a Boxster CV of similar beauty. One that ensures even and especially in the districts sworn-Eleven fans for great recognition. Because with all due respect to the marked development of five decades and a great tradition Penalty: The do it yourself, the little Porsche - now more than ever. The characteristic appearance of the Porsche Boxster S and thus the recognition are finally similar to that at 911. And who studies the major technological changes feels that Porsche is now very serious with his entry-level athletes.

Significantly extended than before, with a longer wheelbase, wider track, larger wheels and optical bonds from super athlete Carrera GT , the two-seater has grown, burly - and as far as the lines: too much erotic. It is therefore more than just a facelift to the Porsche Boxster S had to go through: It was renovated for the first time in his 16-year era from scratch. Thus, not only the proportions have changed significantly. The wheelbase grew by 60 millimeters, the track front and rear by 40 by 18 millimeters. The windscreen is moved forwards by 100 millimeters and also become flatter, which reduces the overall height by 13 millimeters. That the sum of the changes not - as usual elsewhere - is associated with a significant increase in size, we bow to the Boxster design engineers, especially since the space efficiency of conveniently aufwartenden with two luggage compartments, two-seater has been markedly improved.

This applies not only for the now just as charming as ergonomically perfectly arranged cockpit, but also for the new, exciting stretched across the interior roof that folds up into a brilliant nine-second act in the back of the crew of a button. It is thanks to the magnesium front roof frame is also now without additional cover.
Incidentally, the interior noise thanks to a new top material including polyester fleece over its predecessor by around 75 to 71 decibels at 100 km / h has been reduced. This corresponds to - felt - a halving of the noise level. Who expected given the improvements made in all areas, to show that the weight spiral automatically been set up in transition finds himself pleasantly disappointed.

At Porsche, which in this case also responsible for higher torsional stiffness extra pounds is estimated at around 20 kilograms. Nevertheless, the new, more compact and sturdy therefore upcoming Porsche Boxster S is less pounds on the scale than its predecessor. From the loud Porsche up to 35 kilograms, which is said to have lost over the previous net, are in the case of the current super-model testing become even minus 42 kilograms.

Although nominally strengthened by five horsepower and also conditioned by weight better, the corresponding values ​​are much lower than some of the well-equipped with the PDK transmission Vormodells. The passage in the range between 80 and 160 km / h in sixth gear is currently estimated at 20.3 seconds. The current Porsche Boxster S realized the same exercise but already in 18.2 seconds - also at Hockenheim, with the same crew, and even at slightly higher temperatures. However, with smaller 19-inch Rädern.Was the old man in the sprint to 100 km / h gutmacht (0.2 seconds), the new Porsche Boxster S gets to 200 km / h with a margin of 0.4 seconds back. The differences are certainly not the world, but the bottom line is a possible indication that the new generation of engines with direct injection, thermal management, Bordnetzrekuperation and auto start-stop function might still need to warm up a bit.

But to be honest: the large, supported by ambitious motivation and wonderful acoustics entertainment arises only from about 4,500 rpm single - before playing the Porsche Boxster S, the role of the in all respects reasonable and strong efficiency committed splendor guy in the specification even "Sailing" is enshrined as a mandatory program. Under this driving condition is meant recently the idler rolls in the highest gear at which the engine is idling. And terminated only when the driver again by accelerating, braking or manual shifting demands the active role. Having regard to the beautiful Brabbelns that the six-cylinder in the "Sports" configuration and / or distributed with open flap exhaust when coasting, sailing in the Porsche Boxster S, however, remains more of a rare interlude initiated.


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