2008 Ford F-650 Super Duty


In comparison to this car itself looks well proportioned to the lobster - and Mercedes M-class suddenly looks like a toy car. No other cars on German roads is as large as the Ford F-650. The strand is 6.50 meters long, as wide as a smart and parked across almost as tall as a double-decker bus. This goes beyond the usual standards in the streets, and the licensing authorities are likely to have problems with the Colossus.
Ford offers the car in this country because of its dealers not. More surprising is that it seems despite fuel price shock and CO2 debate are plenty interested in the monster. The Munich-based importer GeigerCars can save themselves from inquiries about their claims to be - although even be due for the base version of 99.000 Euro.
With a few extras shimmering chrome one is fixed at EUR 109,000. "We sell every month at least one car," said company president Karl Geiger, supposedly it could be much longer. "We get from the USA not just cars."

The engine is a curmudgeon with sheer force
If you do not irritate the hiss of air brakes, the subtle waves of air suspension and the idiosyncratic keys for the six-truck-auto can be had, with the giant easy game - as long as the road pretty wide, is just empty and most of all. When he was a small car with a slender four-cylinder engine, the giant leaves of Detroit will go almost to the little finger. It rolls up at the front and two rear four 21-inch wheels on the asphalt, which has a wider than all four wheels smart together.
And under the hood is a colossal truck diesel engine with six cylinders stomps and 6.7 liters of displacement, identify the documents for the breathtaking 325 hp and 1000 Nm. This enormous power is routed through a propeller shaft on the thickness of a tree trunk to the rear axle. Fast you can drive by car, not, however, the F-650 record-breaking tractor. Anyone wishing to tow a jet, or just want to pull his weekend house to the sea - for this car is likely to be an easy exercise.

Just because the downgrade 5.2 tons heavy vessel thickness and the maximum weight was limited to 7.49 tons, is the pick-up in this country should ever draw a driver's license - if the test before 1 Was passed January 1999. Before you start driving is still a bit of sport announced. Finally, we need some strength until you have ascended the throne of "King of the Road." And you should be afraid of heights, if you stand in the door and looks down again.
They can get it behind the big steering wheel, does the F-650 surprisingly conventional. The view is something special, and more space than a Ford Ranger or a Mitsubishi L-200 has one also. But the gray leather seats, the simple cockpit, comfortable back seat and the numerous electrical helpers were also attached to another large rustic model.

The car giant will soon close
However, once the roads are narrow and close to other cars, it is narrow. City tours are therefore a delicate exercise that can be handled only with great sensitivity and permanent view in the two large mirrors cover plate. Who not only on wide boulevards heischen for attention, but actually do some shopping in the center wants to get up as early as possible. Later in the day that is sinking the chances of finding a parking space of sufficient size to zero.
On the other hand, the bed of the, F-650 so great that they probably only twice a year for the wholesale market needs, and once anything goes - as it is to move on too tight - you can take advantage of the huge cabin as a lounge. Or for an extra nap, until the situation has been resolved.

People react puzzled, curious, angry
The reactions of other road users sufficient in view of the F-650 has puzzled by curiosity to angry. The car clearly belongs in the category of climate killer. On the other hand, you win with this car at least one new friend - the gas station attendant. Because the chrome barrels under the tread strips hold more than 400 liters of diesel. Is tapped to that amount, you can easily render a drink plus sausage and chat with the man at the cash register. The likely end around 600 € charge. Faster you can collect Club Smart or no payback points.


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