2009 Seat Ibiza SportCoupe


In Germany, one of the main markets with Seat UK, Spain and France, 70% of cars in this segment are sold in three-door body. When you know that in Europe, Ibiza 40,000 have already been sold while the model is on sale for a month (!), It is likely that the Sportcoupé will make a great career. A study of Iberian manufacturer, the typical buyer is a man of 34, or 11 fewer than the average in this segment. This means if the avant-garde design of Seat bull's eye. The brand also well ride the wave? Customization? initiated by Mini as a range of accessories, fashion more than each other, will be proposed (contours of aerators, colored roofs ...).

Throbbing of clicks disturb the tranquility of the Catalan countryside. The 1.9 TDI has just woken up. Already present on the Ibiza five-door models and moults of the VW group, it always develops 105 hp for a torque of 240 Nm Seat we announced, together with the arrival of his family Exeo sedan, as the common rail more discreet, disembark from 2009. Our Sport model gets a five-speed manual transmission. A 7-speed DSG is available but is reserved for the 105 hp 1.6 petrol. Given the position of the SC, the latter is available with two types of suspension: classic or sports (standard on our finishing). In this case, the springs are stiffened (25%) and management is gaining consistency.

The Ibiza inherits the platform of the future Polo. At moderate pace, the plays Sportcoupé girls from good families. The lowered suspension do not shear the vertebrae and direction, well weighted, not too light. Admittedly, the 1.9 TDI is not a lightweight. Out the main roads, we head for the special Rally Catalunya. On these estates turns faster or slower, it can only be gained by the quality of this front remains glued to the tar despite changes very fast strokes. The rear is less player for his part than in the past and won very easily, even on foot levees. Similarly, body roll is controlled even if the behavior is typed understeer.

In terms of dynamic behavior, the SC corresponds perfectly to the specifications desired by Seat. Lack only a motor-box worthwhile! Despite the reasonable weight of the car (1.1 t), the 1.9 shortness of breath. However, this fault attributed more to the transmission, which is staging extended excessively. During our test, the car struggled to start from 80 km / h in 4th! In trying too hard to reduce consumption (4.5 l/100 km) and fight against CO2 emissions (119 g / km), it comes almost to forget the essential: the pleasure of driving. The driver is forced to climb the towers, because each passing gear is falling dangerously regime. Damage to inflict such treatment to a car obviously well-born!


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