2009 Porsche Boxster S


There are two ways to gape with the new Boxster S. The first is to take the time to go around on foot to explore in detail (lights, bumpers, tail lights) what has changed and finally succumbing to her dress beautifully retouched. The second way is to rush to the wheel to go for a ride. Ask yourself the question and be honest in answering: what would you do first?

By starting the Boxster S facelift, the phrase "having a smile from ear to ear" makes sense. As soon as you turn the key (left of the steering wheel, a tradition Porsche), the new flat-six engine with direct injection is balm to the heart and ears. And to enjoy it without a filter, it is important not to forget to convertibles, an operation that only takes a few seconds (12 to be exact) in stock (under 50 km / h). Sunglasses on his nose, his hands on the thick steering wheel rim, you're ready to roll in Wonderland.
 The standard version gets a six-cylinder engine with 2.9 liters capacity, which was 0.2 liters less. The capacity increased by 10 hp. The S version gets the 3.4-liter engine with direct fuel injection, new is that the power of 15 hp increase. No earth-shattering numbers, but it does not. The Boxster is in perfect balance. Too big changes would disrupt that balance only.

Now with the fast dual-clutch gearbox PDK its sister 911, the Boxster folds in effect for all driving styles. For the ride, go for the fully automatic mode. Reports fingering gently and without breaking bulk, box calls for elbow to the cruiser door and take the time to listen to the melody in major piston engine. Housed in a central position behind the Flat 6 knows all sing and we do not get tired. For those who would not be enough, just pass the PDK gearbox in Sport mode, which also serves to strengthen the controlled PASM suspension. Delaying the shifting, the Boxster is then dragster. No roll, vivacity, agility all there.
The term facility is also part of his vocabulary, thanks to a near-perfect weight distribution (45% front 55% rear) allows to understand easily the limits of grip and gives the feeling of being in control a large kart. Station, however, to complacency. Very brutal, the rear setbacks prove that the ESP stability control (partially disconnected for more experienced) can sometimes be a good guardian angel. Terribly engaging and powerful with 310 horsepower valiant (15 hp more than before) obtained with a completely redesigned mechanical (direct injection, intake, cylinder heads, oil pump driven flow), the Boxster also benefits from a flawless braking a tradition at Porsche for the joy of driving is complete.


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