2012 McLaren MP4-27 F1


With the MP4-27, the team from Woking intends to enter a world title after a three year hiatus finally back. We have the photos and the technical details of the new chrome arrow.

Red Bull presents his new car on the internet, Caterham in a British magazine. McLaren and Ferrari are still living in reality. The new McLaren MP4 -27 saw in his birthplace, the McLaren Technology Centre in Woking, the light of the world.
Red Bulls big opponent of the last two years has let the cat out of the bag. As at 12.02 clock the ceiling was removed, a car came out, which vaguely resembled that of the previous year. Art director Paddy Lowe called the MP4-27 as an "evolution, in which the major changes taking place under the disguise more than her."

The new McLaren is a nice car. The feared dent in the nose is missing. McLaren met without a step in the new height of the front rule that presses the upper side of the nose from a point of 1,950 mm before the rear wall of the cockpit of 625 to 550 millimeters.

However, the team of Paddy Lowe does not let himself be guided by optical aspects. McLaren has for years pursued to the front portion of the car a different philosophy than the rest of the field. The nose has always been relatively low. And therefore the chassis. Thus, there is no abrupt transition. "We have retained these alternative aerodynamic approach. Nobody is forced to install this dent in the chassis," said the new sports director Sam Michael.

"The shape of our cases last year was part of the exhaust concept. Pressing the downward flow in the area where the exhaust is gem√ľndet. With the new exhaust regulations this form would not have made more sense," Lowe explains the shift away from the old concept .

Tagged Exhaust: Where exactly it exits, McLaren can still open. From the side boxes overgrown halfway up a massive bump, and somewhere in this area and the exhaust gases are blown into the atmosphere. But the opening was punched at the point in the panel, was more of stealth and deception. The size of the bump can McLaren several options. We will not know until the test at Jerez, which the technicians have really thought out.

The fact is that the exhaust gases can not only use in a modest degree of aerodynamic purposes. "Our is blown diffuser was one of the best in the field," explains project manager Tim Goss. "We had painful experience at Silverstone, as the exhaust rules were restricted to this one race. McLaren has suffered with the most. Enjoyed in a lesson.'s Why we have the MP4 -27 more focused on the classical aerodynamics,, which is not dependent from the exhaust. "

The completely redesigned rear end shows it. It looks much tidier and more delicate than the MP4-26th The rear wing is isolated in the wind, which improves its efficiency.


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