2012 Lexus CT 200h



Lack of consistency can hardly accuse Lexus: The Lexus CT 200h will only hold
a hybrid drive going. Whether the new compact car is its premium claim of being the test shows.
The spotlight spots of the great fairs have long been extinguished, shrunk the wheels from 20 to 16 inches, and the body is wrapped in elegant anthracite instead of gold Green Metal: The approximately two-year metamorphosis of Lexus study LF-Ch for Lexus CT 200h is finished . Prior to his front with a determined gaze now lined up on pylons along the center console, the cable snaking through the instruments.

The recipe for the Japanese had to invent not only new. Under the body infected group technique, in this case mostly from the Toyota Auris Hybrid . In comes a dynamic-looking shell, while the interior decorated with precious materials and high-quality equipment details. To the manufacturer Lexus promises yet that the balance between pleasant ride and agile handling of the easiest tasks of the novice Lexus CT 200h belong. That sounds all easier than it actually is for the engineers.

The interior of the Lexus CT 200h seems the development team to have done his homework anyway. The tightly wrapped plush velvet upholstered seats, the nice little three-spoke steering wheel shows neat stitching the leather covering. Even if the hand strayed to the dashboard, she wanders through sympathetic soft surfaces. Even more so in the fall test Drögen plastic inserts on the doors of the Lexus CT 200h, which try in vain about how aluminum look - given because all components act solidly. The driver's seat that is not deep and the steering wheel can not be adjusted high enough to find a good seating position, interferes somewhat more.

But for the Lexus CT 200h and driver it's supposed to go on in the first place, because he is moving forward with the help of modern hybrid technology - so it looks at least Lexus. What the combination of four-cylinder gasoline and 60 kW electric motor provides strong, it has already demonstrated in the Prius and Auris. The biggest advantage is silent, purely electric cruising. As is known, but that works only up to 45 km / h and a short distance away. Even a flow of traffic in German cities usually start light enough to wake up the Nitro in the Lexus CT 200h. So the ambition is aroused by as gentle handling of the gas pedal as often as possible to use the accommodated on the rear axle battery with an operating voltage of 202 volts as the energy source. Even if this is successful, it creates the Lexus CT 200h in the test not to undercut the minimum consumption of 4.3 L/100 km of the Auris. But he delivers exactly from the same value as the Toyota. Also, the test means of 6.2 liters is no new standards, but that the Lexus CT 200h is one of at least the economical petrol engines in its segment.

Solves the Japanese because a promise to be driving dynamics? The taut suspension on charge of Lexus CT 200h gives at least the impression that even though so much hardship hardly a customer wishes. That had to identify themselves and repair the Audi A3 once. The Lexus Body teeters permanently on even slightly rough roads, bumps respond to coarser the damper did not apparently. So the Lexus CT 200h is asked to dance around the pylons and the driving mode control is turned on Sports: The battery indicator disappears, a tachometer appears, and the instruments replace the understated blue against a fiery-red light. Due to the characteristics of the 99-hp normally aspirated engine and the continuously variable transmission - which are actually the shift paddles of the study go? - Howls on the engine of the Lexus CT 200h and ensures Dröhnfrequenzen annoying. Despite the dedicated acoustic missed the four-door Lexus CT 200h at the factory specification h sprint from zero to 100 km / h with 11.1 seconds to eight tenths.


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