2008 Koenigsegg CCXR Edition


In the upper sphere of very exclusive manufacturers, there is, in Sweden, a craftsman like no other: Koenigsegg. His first production model, the CC8S, was launched in 2000. Since it is the arms race, until the arrival of the CCXR. Guided in part by environmental concerns, but mainly by an obsession for performance, Koenigsegg has chosen the path of bio-fuel to maximize its missile. Remember that this supercar "green" based on the CCX (806 hp already!) Promises to run on either bioethanol E85 or unleaded 98 classic or with a mixture of both.

If the car runs on E85 bio-ethanol pure power claimed reached 1018 hp, 888 hp cons when it runs on unleaded. But to win almost 200 hp over the standard CCX, it was necessary to review the V8 injection system and increase the maximum boost pressure compressor, which increased from 1.2 bar to 1.6 bar.

This year, the novelty lies in this special series called Edition, available in very limited numbers on the CCX and CCXR. The edition, imagined as a kind of "customer competition," is particularly characterized by aerodynamic refinements and an impressive showing off her body carbon soul, but it is always possible to choose a dress painted.
In detail, we see new and polished forged wheels, a new spoiler, bigger, and a reworked front fascia, thereby gaining support at higher speeds, the order of 350 kg to 250 km / h. Recall here that the first CCX were facing problems due to lack of support sufficiently effective spoiler.

Koenigsegg also announced new dampers, firmer springs, stabilizer bars of larger diameter and a lowered body. Clearly, whatever it takes to try to beat a speed record on track!
 The Swedish manufacturer also claims to have changed the CCXR for this purpose and even offers an option of Michelin Cup proper. Aside from that, the CCXR Edition pushes exclusivity even further by offering a reworked interior in detail including a welcoming center console and specific elements in anodized aluminum. Pallet control the gearbox and driving are also now available on all Koenigsegg.
As for performance, this near-car race over 1000 hp claims a top speed exceeding 410 km / h and a 0-100 km / h in 2 "9. The Swede wants the skin of the Bugatti Veyron! Finally, note that the CCXR Edition has exclusive play to the end since it is proposed that six copies, not one more. The price of the machine, too, has something to give the thrill, since it will rely, without options, 1.5 million euros each!


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