2010 Volkswagen Touareg V6 TDI


The VW Touareg goodbye to the classic SUV design. The new formula is: better roads, properties and contemporary consumption.

The whole genus, which includes the VW Touareg is one, is falling into disrepute. Since CO2 is the discussion around the car determines size SUV, considered to be polluters. SUV - sport utility vehicles correctly - might also be a "dinosaur demise inevitable" can be defined. Chamber.  
As bad as it has not come. Consumption is only a property of a car. The large four-wheel drive have also undisputed advantages: they offer plenty of space and comfort, provide a reassuring sense of solidity and security, and in winter to the kings of the mountains. The clientele that is true since the beginning of the Range Rover to this kind of car want to miss not. Only it must be economical, the SUV - because of the social compatibility. Because the constructor's intelligence is required.

On country roads are the advantages of the eight-speed gearbox for the VW Touareg, especially on
This benefits the consumer and also ensures tranquility in the passenger compartment of the VW Touareg. Here too the comparison with the old top model, which had a powerful five-liter ten-cylinder engine. He came at a similar pace already humming areas, while the sound of the V6 in the modern concert the other - not loud - road noise almost disappears. The next stage is on rural roads. Here are the benefits of the gear on special. That is more connected than in a six-speed automatic transmission, does not interfere in appearance, because the shifting is very smooth. The transmission keeps the engine in the range of the best torque and thus the lowest possible fuel consumption. The throttle to overtake them without delay to the place - in short, it comes close to the ideal of a mechanism, which perceives the driver only in passing.


VW Touareg V6 TDI in the test: The average consumption was 8.9 liters
The final test for the convenient and powerful drive unit of the VW Touareg comes at a gas station. On average, the VW Touareg has consumed 8.9 liters - a remarkable result which could have been a few years ago called for a car of this size as pipe dreams. It was achieved without a fuel-conscious driving style points. Those who deal with the gas pedal as tenderly as a new love, even the seven acquired before the decimal point. Over the entire test run, where one of the exceptions, there are 10.5 litres/100 km. As if that was not enough progress, the Touareg has increased in other areas. He looks at speeding driving on winding country roads much more dynamic than before. He responds immediately to steering movements, without being nervous. Because in the same group also has the Porsche Cayenne is waived VW consciously, to lend the SUV driving character of a sports car.

The VW Touareg is taking off, as if 2.3 tons a game ball
Are we going. The six-cylinder engine of the VW Touareg immediately impressed by his quiet and smooth running. You have to listen closely to the power source at all to identify as a diesel. The best helps the powerful boost that the engine develops already at the start. The VW Touareg is taking off, as if 2.3 tons a game ball. To the crankshaft at 2,000 revolutions occur 550 Newton meters of torque - a bright serene required for driving. It's on the highway. 200 km / h are reached in no time, and even at this rate, the motor acts brought anything but. Leave it to the eight-speed automatic transmission. Its top speed in sixth gear, the Touareg, number seven and number eight are long passages already translated. If you then constricted, as in this test run, in the area of ​​180 km / h, located at approximately 3,000 rpm.

The VW Touareg potters actually a permanent all-wheel drive

Together with the brake intervention, which ensures the VW Touareg as needed for blocking effect in the transverse direction, one is thus well supplied. Because it tinkers an actual permanent all-wheel drive and no one to turn to for help first wicket on an axle. The result of the reduction measure goes to the bottom of the scale. The test car moved, the display screen to 2,320 kilograms, and thus exceeds the standard weight (2,099 kg) significantly, which the wealth of extras is due. But weight is only one scene of the battle for reduced consumption. The drive technology plays the leading role. The VW Touareg include a three liter V6 turbo diesel to a start-stop system and an eight-speed automatic transmission.

VW Touareg V6 TDI in the test: The appearance is car-like become

What's up, exemplifies the VW Touareg. He has not become smaller than its predecessor, in length (up 4.1 inches) and width (plus 1.2), it has even risen. But the height of the body has shrunk (-1.7 inches). This ensures, no matter how marginal ausschauen these numbers, for a more car-like appearance, and visually signaled the move away from heavy metal. 200 kg have to be saved, says VW. The lion's share provides a modified drive train. Is a reduction gear for serious off-road use it only on request. The off-base model Touareg therefore includes only a self-locking Torsen differential to distribute power between the two axes.

VW Touareg V6 TDI in the test: will the maximum rating of five stars inevitably
The VW Touareg drives like a big, luxury sedan - free of dynamic ambitions, which also shows that in extreme situations vigorously engage ESP. Suitable to be joined - with the optional air suspension the test car - a good ride comfort, which loses little of its elasticity, if instead of the comfort mode, the sports-position is selected. Typical Volkswagen adds much to the pleasing impression: the careful processing, the uncluttered and no problems in operating the well contoured and rippling cockpit, comfortable seats. Place there in abundance, even in the rear, can be adjusted with a sliding rear bench seat to individual needs. The maximum rating of five stars appear as inevitable. If the SUV is as reasonable as the VW Touareg, then he has a future.


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