2010 Lexus LFA


The development history of the Lexus LF-A began in 2000. Now it is complete and ends with a baked carbon fiber, 560-hp high-tech sports car. A driving report with power.

Now it seems that the optimum level of maturity. Tanahashi-san finally granted the public a taste of the finest driving dynamics. Almost ten years grew a good piece approached so far, has been carefully nursed, consuming refined and perfected the long term. And now Tanahashisan seems to be, his crew and the end result at peace. It is a flagship sprout, the developer has raised the head there.

Driving Report: The Lexus LF-A is a master of the mix of materials

"Driven by a passion to build a world-class supercar," says the proud father. And actually has the Tanahashisan Lexus LF-A, where only the finest genes with his life. Carbon fiber composite material, aluminum, titanium, magnesium - the impeccably trained two-seater is a master of the mix of materials. Here, less is more: more technological effort as a basis for less weight. And if mass, then at least selectively positioned - in keeping with the 48:52. This percentage of the total of 1480 kg will be distributed on the two axes. But the technology package in the rear of the futuristic Lexus LF-A resourceful engineer speaks volumes about the spirit. Finally, acts of not only the electro-hydraulic six-speed gearbox from astern.

The force of the Lexus LF-A unfolds from 4.8 liters displacement

In the wide jaws of the black gills, dwell the cooler for oil and water, and even the battery and wiper water tanks are still hiding. Naturally, that puts it back to the trunk. The Lexus LF-A, it's about Essential. Form follows function and the function is driving dynamics. What nourishes the suspicion that the heart beats in the right place. Centered between the axes of the Lexus LF-A, of course, just behind the front axle, it throbs. A huge thing, not only because of the tall displacement of nearly five liters. The true size is the whole thing fascinating. This harmonious blend of 40 titanium valves and ten titanium connecting rods. Even, or perhaps because of the wild doings of the highly compressed (12:1) V10 engine during our first trip to this report driving less responsible. Copes with a cylinder bank angle of 72 degrees, the nearly 200 kilograms, the engine to balancing the mass forces is excellent.

Lexus LF-A in the travel report: The Lexus V10 Formula 1 imitates sounds

In the state through the rustling in conjunction with Yamaha Motor developed eerily quiet and shy in front of him. No decibel slips too much out of the tailpipe trio. It was not until 3,000 rpm can be concluded on the existence of an internal combustion engine, while from 6000 rpm all hell breaks. Greller, compressed and piercing are the four strokes between the top and bottom dead centers hardly modulated. The Lexus LF-A Lexus V10 in Formula 1 mimics sounds ( Formula 1 quiz ) with an impertinent audacity, turned up, as if he were freed from any flywheel. All of a sudden and shrill. 8700/min: 560 hp. 

Breathtaking speed craze in the Lexus LFA

In the central display of the Lexus LF-A is just great cinema. The needle of the same recycled, but digital tachometer did not air. 9000: The screen flashes red. The pistons fire at a speed of 25 m / s through the bushes. 9500: Max. A short train at the delicate shift paddles. A digitally animated pointer documents for a split rotating the crankshaft in the masterpiece of sports gear mode, the hydraulic fires within 0.2 seconds after the next course. A strike by driving the Lexus LF-A. And the breathtaking speed of hype begins anew. 80 km / h are long gone. The electric rear spoiler moving out already strives to drive. With 200 km of the Lexus LF-A is to generate them even more than 60 kg, supported by the flat underbody including diffuser.

The Lexus LF-A is good also in the Al ltag

Whatever the result of driving dynamics and balances at this driving report, it turns out brilliantly. Directly in terms of the implementation of responsive steering precision of the Lexus LF-A. Neutral as regards the behavior at the interface. Biting and reliable with respect to the performance of the enormous braking system with carbon-ceramic discs. Or to put it in numbers: 7,29 minutes. At least this time round the house is on the Nordschleife of the Nürburgring. How the Lexus ranks from a sporting point of view on par with the venerable Porsche Carrera GT. In terms of practicality, the Lexus LF-A is considerably enhanced, because he believes as a Gran Turismo.

Lexus LF-A: High price, low quantity

In automatic mode of transmission, the gears are sorted meek, and the leather-trimmed seats provide good lateral support, despite the best of comfort, but we experience in our driving report. Not to mention the lavish standard equipment and fine processing in the futuristic, but ergonomically convincing cockpit. What speaks for ever against a Lexus LF-A? First, the low quantity of 500 and the late delivery worldwide from January 2011. The biggest obstacle may well be but the high level of maturity of the price.


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