2012 Shelby GT 50th Anniversary Edition


In 2012, the legendary Shelby celebrates its fiftieth anniversary. And what better way than celebrate the release of three commemorative Shelby Mustang? The company will offer a special edition GTS, GT350, and Super Snake. Each will be issued an edition of 100 units: 50 cars will be available in black with gold stripes, the other 50 - in white with gold stripes.

Another model was the Shelby GT350 Edition, which is built on a platform Mustang GT. Inside and outside the car got the same treatment as the GTS, but with the other body panels. As for the hood space, the GT350 is very different from his younger brother. Supercharger Whipple, and the unique Borla exhaust system increases power to 525 horsepower, and brake cooling ducts are used for both front and rear brake discs. Front brakes - the same 6-piston Wilwood, as in the GTS, but instead of the standard rear brakes are 4-piston Wilwood. Price base model GT350 Anniversary Edition begins with a level of $ 59,995. The amount is not modest, but is likely to ever reach the modern GT350 collectible value of their ancestors, and the rarest of them will be exactly GT350 Anniversary Edition.

If you are a happy owner of 2012 Shelby GT500 and want to make it an anniversary model, Shelby will bring you a happy 750-horsepower Super Snake. Like other models, Super Snake gets a unique body kit and interior upgrades and in addition a high-performance, sporty package Shelby / Whipple / Ford Racing. Handling will improve thanks to the suspension with adjustable shock absorbers. The brakes are upgraded to the same that are used on GT350, ensuring that the Super Snake is easy to stop, even after the most insane overclocking.

Base price Super Snake Anniversary Edition is $ 59,995, plus your donor 2012 GT500. Do you see this as a reasonable investment in productivity and value of the car, or think that it's too high a price for an asset that is likely to fall more in price in the initial stage, depends on your outlook and love for Shelby.

The first model was the Shelby GTS, available with both engine V6, and V8. The interior of the car is made to order by Katzkin. Shop tightened in black leather with contrasting gold stitching and embroidered logo on the back of the fiftieth anniversary of the seat and floor mats. Outside the Shelby GTS got the black matte (for a black car) or chrome wheels (for the white car). To improve the manageability model of GTS is equipped with a sports package Shelby / Ford Racing, exhaust system, Shelby / Borla and 6-piston front brakes Wilwood. The price for an anniversary Shelby Mustang GTS starts with a level of $ 19,995 for the V6 and $ 24,995 for the V8. This price does not include price of the car, on the basis of which holds an exclusive version.



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