2008 Hummer H2


HUMMER H2 and H2 SUT model 2008 model year have been completely re-designed and even farther away from the brutal and dusty army source. A feeling that crude forms that used to accurately obtochili a file, now also handled nail files. The result is a more refined interior and has become even more comfortable. However, the buyers, "Hammer" is unlikely to cause discontent: get used to a good fast, and few barter comfortable chairs and beautiful dashboard on the driver's seat and the tank oiled levers.

The heart of the model H2 2008 model year is a new 6.2-liter V8 engine with variable valve timing mechanism that ensures the highest possible traction and dynamic performance and fuel economy car. According to preliminary estimates, the maximum power output is equal to 293 kW (393 hp..), That is, compared with an engine of its predecessor, it increased by about 20 percent. The V8 engine develops maximum torque of 574 Nm in its design used lightweight materials, such as the cylinder block is made ​​of aluminum alloy. This helps reduce the weight of the vehicle.

With the 6.2-liter engine combines a new six-speed gearbox Hydra-Matic 6L80 electronically controlled drive system and rear wheels (RWD). Transmission has a wide number of ratios (including increasing transfer, there are two), which achieves the optimum balance of power and fuel economy. Hydra-Matic 6L80 can operate in sequential mode, which allows the driver to manually raise or lower the transfer by pressing the button located on the gear selector lever.

With the new power unit the maximum allowable weight of the trailer for H2 and H2 SUT model year 2008 increased by 771 kg - it equals 3727 kg, while the pre-H2 can tow a trailer with a gross weight not exceeding 2948 kg. Theoretically could carry a a light gun, but the rules only permit a civil trailer.

Wide range of optional units also contributes to the increase in traction and dynamic performance and fuel efficiency of H2. Here are some of these devices:

  • cooling system with increased complements the more powerful and "voluminous" engine;
  • the fan motor reduces losses in the engine, resulting in an increase in its net power;
  • voltage regulator can improve fuel economy, as the car passes the components needed only for the amount of electricity;
  • A new high-speed network connecting the data bus (LAN), operates more efficiently and consume less electricity;
  • standard equipment in the car is rear axle with 3.73 gear ratio.

All-terrain vehicle increases the potential for a new transmission 6L80. It can operate in sequential mode, in which the driver gets more control over the vehicle (for example, when driving on a slope) and if necessary an increased ratio - about 39 - to move to "creep" speed on the road. It's about 20 percent better than the previous transmission.

For model H2 2008 model year offers an improved transfer case - a more reliable and increases the car's performance. In the basic equipment also includes a new traction control system that provides good traction wheels with the bearing surface.

Exciting driving (both road and off-road) contributes to the upgraded steering system with a high-ratio amplifier and an improved ability of the steering wheel return to straight-ahead position when the driver releases it. Progress in the car was now more smooth and quiet, thanks to new air intakes and exhaust pipes with a carefully debugged characteristics.

Drivers of the new H2 will appreciate not only its increased performance when driving on the roads, but also a new stylish interior. Here and re-designed control panel and new seats (including a full-size third-row seat for two passengers), the original door panels, new controls, new heating and air conditioning for the rear and a new infotainment system for the rear passengers (with DVD-player and high-placed display), plus a number of high-quality audio.

Seats H2 purchased an original sculptural form and become more comfortable. Front seat belts are now attached to the middle (B), roof racks, not on themselves seats. This change enabled engineers to make the seats more comfortable without compromising passenger safety. In addition, the basic version provides complete front seat belts equipped with pretensioners.

With a fresh design harmonizes seats door panels and re-designed control panel. The quality of design and execution of the interior of the new H2 such that the clearance between the inner panels shall not exceed one millimeter.

In the original center console controls are placed microclimate and audio (one of a new family of audio systems offered by GM). Examples are high-quality audio system Bose, which is included in basic equipment and an optional panoramic sound system. The new ventilation grills of the ventilation system provides a comfortable climate (heating and ventilation) for all passengers - including passengers of the second and third rows of seats.

For H2 2008 model year offers numerous options to enhance comfort, - a re-created and inherited from the previous model H2. These include a navigation system, rearview camera and the age-old dream of the Russian car owner - heater fluid windshield washer! In addition, the H2 can be equipped with remote start engine, which allows you to warm or cool before it will sit down passengers.

In addition to changes that improve power, agility and comfort of a series of models of H2, the 2008 model year have been upgraded and the security system. They added to the list of some devices, offered as standard equipment:
  • windowbags (inflatable curtain) security, protecting the passengers of the first, second and third rows of seats, with a system of determining the risk of rollover;
  • belt tensioners (front seat);
  • dynamic stabilization system with the function of preventing rollover;
  • A new traction control system;
  • system of control of air pressure in tires.

In addition, the vehicle is equipped with a new system of emergency braking assistance (BAS) - this is the first application of such a system on a full-size truck or SUV, designed Concern GM. This system defines the situation when the driver applies the emergency brake, and creates the maximum pressure in the brake system to slow down faster than a car and do not let him get out of control driver. BAS system is included in basic equipment for all versions of H2.

External changes are not very noticeable, but they are. The typical upper grille with seven large openings, as well as lower grille has been increased for the effective operation of the cooling system of a powerful 6.2-liter V8. The lower bumper pads on the H2 model year 2008 painted in silver color (while in the previous model, they were black).

H2 still has short overhangs that provide excellent angles of entry and the Congress, as well as the extremely high ground clearance, which minimizes impacts on the uneven bottom of the car while driving on the road. The basic 17-inch wheels, independent front suspension, adapted for use in harsh environments, and the rear suspension provide excellent handling H2, load capacity and the ability to tow a trailer.

Sturdy rear axle ensures durable and reliable car, especially in difficult off-road conditions. In the base vehicle is equipped with underbody protection and bridges. This protection contributes to the ability of the legendary "Hammer" for example, it can overcome the deep water flows up to 508 mm, to climb the 406-millimeter step or move rocks and through deep sand or snow.

The new four-channel anti-lock and traction control system (ABS / TCS) provides the driver the best possible control of the vehicle when driving on slippery surfaces. In addition, the ABS system can determine the traffic conditions and adjust the parameters of the braking system when driving on rough roads (such as gravel or covered with potholes.) TCS system can also if necessary, to transfer torque from the engine to one of the wheels when the second wheel slippage - this mode traction control system is used, for example, during the race through the desert and sandy roads. H2 is also available for rear suspension with air springs, which allows for the continued high rear. This suspension is designed for movement in extreme off-road and towing heavy trailers.


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